NAD+ Therapy in Downtown Chicago IL

Anti-Aging Downtown Chicago IL NAD+ Therapy

At Biolyfe we understand the importance of correct NAD levels and focus on optimizing those levels. NAD optimization in Downtown Chicago IL can be a very simple and effective corrective measure taken to deal with a multitude of symptoms. Fatigue, inflammation, brain fog and even immune system disorders can all be remedied by correcting NAD levels. At Biolyfe, NAD can be either taken as a supplement, injected or Infused into the body.

What is NAD?

NAD is found in all living cells, from single-cell organisms to complex, multicellular systems. It helps convert food to energy. It plays a crucial role in maintaining DNA integrity, helping repair damages to prevent disease, even cancer. It helps regulate our body’s sleep/wake cycle through its effect on circadian rhythm. Our cells’ ability to create energy depends on it. It transports electrons from molecule to molecule within the cells. Without it, other supplements and nutrients cannot do their work and we would quickly stop functioning as human beings. NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It is a coenzyme, and, as mentioned above, is found in all living cells. Along with the functions already cited, it also helps get rid of aging (senescent) cells, improves mitochondrial function, and supports the reduction of inflammation and free radicals. NAD catalyzes reactions for more than 500 enzymes, including those involved in the production of cellular energy (ATP). Deficient NAD levels are linked to a loss of function, vitality, and an increased risk of developing age related diseases.

Signs of low NAD levels

The most common signs include chronic fatigue, lack of energy, poor performance, lack of mental clarity, sleeping issues, and poor health in general. However, you may not show any symptoms while your NAD levels are already low.

Benefits of optimizing NAD levels?

NAD optimization is the first step to better health and longevity. There are numerous benefits, including increased energy, better sleep, improved performance, reduction in muscle and joint pain, enhanced immunity against infections, reduced inflammation, reduction in insulin resistance, improved mental clarity, and improved liver and heart function. Actual benefits may vary from person to person, and individual health conditions may influence impact.

BIOLYFE NAD+ Program in Downtown Chicago IL

Our ability to test intracellular NAD+ levels and our experience boosting them has led to us formulating an NAD+ program that is designed to most effectively optimize your NAD levels on both the intercellular and extracellular basis. We offer two slightly different options to suit the individual. Both options have a daily supplement and at least one in-practice appointment to either inject or infuse NAD. The programs are both 3 month programs and are a guaranteed way of optimizing your NAD levels. Note that Biolyfe also offers either of these treatments individually. An appointment can be made for infusions and injections or an order can be placed through our office for the supplements.

Option A - Infusions
2 x NAD+ IV Infusions
per Month
1 x Accuri Vitality NAD+ Supplement per Month
$1588.00 for
3 Months
Option B - Injection
1 x NAD+ Injection
per Month
1 x Accuri Vitality NAD+ Supplement per Month
$1320.00 for
3 Months
A La Carte
NAD+ IV Infusion
$450 for 500mg
NAD+ Injection
$350 for 1000mg
Accuri Vitality NAD
Supplement $138

Intracellular vs. Extracellular NAD+ Levels

People often think NAD+ is the same no matter how it is introduced into the body. The fact is, it does matter how it is put into the body and what effects you’re going to have. The main difference is whether the levels of NAD+ increase inside the cells (intracellularly) or outside the cells (extracellularly). The only way to effectively increase NAD+ inside the cells is to take an effective precursor such as NMN or NR. Not all of these are created equal and we use a verified form that is guaranteed to increase intracellular NAD+. Extracellular NAD+ is also useful and we should really be boosting both. This is done through an IV or self injections.


We provide a test for intracellular NAD+ to determine if you’re in an optimal range or not. If not, we can properly dose an NAD+ precursor and retest to make sure you’re in the optimal range.


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