Platelet Rich Plasma in Downtown Chicago IL

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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment, or PRP, is a new treatment in Downtown Chicago IL used to treat muscular, skeletal, and orthopedic pain. PRP is an autologous blood derivative, which means it is a blood product obtained from your own body and given back to you via a PRP injection. In the case of an injury needing treatment whether it is muscular, orthopedic or even a brain injury, PRP utilizes the body's natural inflammatory process to accelerate and enhance healing.

Benefits of PRP Therapy in Downtown Chicago IL

PRP facilitates the body's natural healing process by utilizing the growth factors present in the patient's blood. PRP therapy is noninvasive and significantly decreases pain associated with certain chronic conditions.

PRP has been successfully used to repair torn tendons and alleviate the symptoms of tendonitis, enabling individuals to experience reduced pain and improved function. Furthermore, it presents an innovative solution for muscle injuries, fostering faster recovery and minimizing the risk of future complications. In patients suffering from arthritis-related pain, PRP therapy has demonstrated exceptional capacity in mitigating discomfort and enhancing joint mobility, improving the overall quality of life.

Growth factors are necessary for the healing process, and PRP exposes the injured site to a high concentration of growth factors to speed up the recovery process.

Conditions Helped

Conditions treatable by PRP therapy include:

  • Tendonitis
  • Muscle injuries
  • Joint injuries
  • Arthritis-related pain
  • Torn Tendons

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