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Anti-Aging Downtown Chicago IL Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

With Biolyfes new Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber in Downtown Chicago IL, we can activate all cellular pathways for health that we need. HBOT activates stem cells, gets oxygen to all areas of the body (many of them are starved for oxygen), really boosts healing in every area of the body. Activates longevity pathways such as increased cellular energy, reduced cellular senescence, neuroinflammation, restores gut bacteria, increases insulin sensitivity. HBOT can help produce a significant rise in cellular energy levels and therefore may be a valuable tool to combat age related diseases. In damaged tissue, this extra amount of energy may help provide the critical additional energy required for both tissue repair and function.

Benefits of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Downtown Chicago IL

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), a technique through which 100% oxygen is provided at a pressure higher than 1 atm absolute (ATA), has become a well-established treatment modality for multiple conditions.

The noninvasive nature, favorable safety profile, and common clinical application of HBOT make it a competitive candidate for several new indications, one of them being aging and age-related diseases. In fact, despite the conventional wisdom that excessive oxygen accelerates aging, appropriate HBOT protocols without exceeding the toxicity threshold have shown great promise in therapies against aging. This highly effective therapy is being used any many hospitals, clinics and sporting facilities for its wide range of therapeutic uses. Now Biolyfe will have its own Hyperbaric chamber on site.

HBOT intervenes aging

There is evidence for the benefits of HBOT in tissue homeostasis and regeneration. The fact that the therapeutic targets of HBOT overlap considerably with those of aging and age-related diseases is beginning to gain attention.

Immune system modulation

At the cellular level, HBOT can exert immunomodulatory effects on a variety of inflammatory cell types. Neutrophil apoptosis plays a crucial part in the resolution of inflammation, while enhanced apoptosis of neutrophil-like cells is observed after a single 90 min exposure to hyperbaric oxygen.

Antioxidant Assistance

HBOT induces an increase in antioxidant enzymes and a decrease in pro-oxidant enzymes through a negative feedback, thereby enhancing the antioxidant defenses.

Stem Cell regulation

Stem cells can promote tissue regeneration not only by replacing dead cells with new ones, but also by secreting cytokines and growth factors, making them prime targets in aging and regenerative medicine. Based on that, an attractive theory of aging holds that the loss of stem cell number and activity over time drives organismal aging. Interestingly, studies in various tissues and diseases have established stem cells as key players in the regenerative effects of HBOT.


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